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Gallery lolitas virginz bbs


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Subject: Family Members 4Family Members (Part 4)"I've been lying in bed thinking of your cock and that beautiful arse of
yours, Son" Dad said. "I got hard and had to come in and see you".By this time was cock was hard again, I smiled and told Dad that I'd been
thinking about him too. He got in bed and held me tight in his strong
arms. "I love you Son", "I love you too Daddy" I replied. We laid there for
a while, me in my Daddy's strong arms, feeling his muscles, his hairy chest
and his massive cock against me."Has anyone fucked you Son?" Dad asked. I told him no although I was hoping
that Uncle Mark might have done. Dad beamed and asked me if he could make
love to me properly, I readily agreed, concerned that it might hurt but so
excited that I would soon feel my Daddy's thick hard cock inside my arse.Dad took it slowly, at first he put me on my front, then he started to kiss
my butt until I felt his tongue and lips at my hole, it felt so good!"I'll take it nice and slow Son" my Daddy said as he slowly slipped one
finger up inside me. A second followed and it felt so great I started to
moan lightly. I was so turned on and wanted to feel every inch of that
delicious cock inside my arse."Fuck me Daddy" I whispered, "Stick you big cock inside me". Needless to
say, he took no further persuasion and I soon felt the head of his cock
stretching my hole, he gently pushed until I realised that I could feel his
pubes on my arse. "That feels good Daddy" I said, "It feels great for me
too Son, knowing my cock is up my own Son's arse makes me want to cum so
bad!" With that he started to move his cock in and out of me, I could feel
his big manly hairy body on top of top sites lollita models me, to say I was blessed out was an
understatement, here I was laying in bed with the man I have longed for, my
own Daddy making love to me, pushing his big cock inside of me."Fuck me Daddy, it feels so good to feel you inside me"My Daddy fucked me gently as we couldn't make any noise as my Mum was just
down the hall. My Dad whispered in my ear as his thrusts got harder and
harder "I'm going to cum Son, I'm going to shoot all my man cum up inside
your boy cunt, my own Son's cunt" I was really turned on by his talk and
was loving the words he was using and the deeper thrusts of his cock. "Take
my cum! Take your Daddy's cum! Oh yes, take my cum!" and with that I felt
him convulse and I knew that my Daddy was filling his Son with his spunk.I nearly missed my own orgasm as my cock rubbed against my sheets as I was
so intent of pleasing my father. We cuddled some more and then Dad had to
go back to his own room.The next morning, as we were eating breakfast, when Mum was out of earshot,
I told my Dad that I still had his cum inside me. He smiled at me and told
me I could have some more. You can imagine my reply! He also told me that
Uncle Mark was coming over on gallery lolitas virginz bbs Saturday and maybe I'd like some of his spunk
in my arse too. I nodded and smiled and gave my Daddy a big hug "What ever
you want Daddy, I love you and want to make you happy!" "I love you too
Son, and want you to be happy too, never do anything you don't want to do"Mum had to leave for work early and Dad was still in his robe when I went
downstairs into the kitchen. I asked my Daddy if he wanted to fuck me again
before I left for school. Within seconds, free little lolita pics his towelling robe was on the
floor, my school trousers and pants were around my ankles and my Daddy was
fucking my arse over the kitchen table."Fuck me hard Daddy, I want to feel your cock deep in me!" I shouted"I'm fucking you Son, you love your Daddy's cock up your boy cunt don't
you!""I love you Daddy" I shouted as I shot my spunk over the kitchen table."I love you too Son, take my load OH YES!"I left for school, happier than I had ever been, my arse filled with lolitas ls magazine 15 two
big loads of my Daddy's man cum and I still had the weekend to look forward
too!To be
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